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5 Marketing Strategies That Will Drag Customers to Your T-shirt E-Store


Fashion is a fascinating domain to be in, for sure. But it is not easy to turn a small online business into a fashion hub. And if that is a far-fetched dream, what one need to focus on right now is- How to run this e-store and bring customers-in?

You might have heard that smart work leads to success. And businesses work on strategies, which if put to right use at right place, brings success. Moreover these strategies should contain novel features that might allure customers to visit your estore like a T-shirt design software and more.

Now, have a glance at these marketing strategies and know about some novel features/ tools that may prove beneficial for your business.

Determine Your Audience

  • Whom do you want to bring to your e- store’? Athletes, Infants and Children, Collegians, Musicians? Instead of focusing on all types of customers, choose the type of customers you want to deal with. You can think about expanding your business thereafter. If you target a particular audience, you will be able to cater special t-shirts related to them. And who knows? You might also become “The brand” for those consumers. Suppose you select athletes, you need to stock-in inspirational sports quotations and the like.

Choose Your Design Strategy

As t-shirts/apparels define your audience’s personality, you need to create designs that suit their needs. Why don’t you try know your customers’ choice rather than designing their t-shirts in your way? Yes, I am talking about personalization here. Just hand over the T-Shirt Design Software in their hands and enable them to create. It is a unique concept and customers love to get apparels that stand out from others.

You can provide your customers with the facility to create their personalized t-shirts with the help of a T-shirt design tool. With the help of a tool like this, your customers can put quotations of their choice or select from the ones available in the software. They can even pick clip art, images, numbers, sentences, etc. on the t-shirt and do more with the help of this tool.

Blogging and Other Social Media

Content Plus has proved that – 60% of consumers feel engaged with a brand or company after reading its blog content. Blogging and social media platforms serve as the best marketing strategies for e-businesses. And advertising your product on social media is cost-effective. People are able to interact and share information through blogs and on social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. One can share information about their business and promote their products.

For example – Write a blog about the new t-shirt trends in the market or share product information on social media. Visitors will either ask questions, comment or give a feedback. When you respond them, it builds your brand rapport and gain their trust.

Mobile Marketing

In order to grow your e-business, you must see to it that your e-store is mobile responsive. ComScore – A media measurement company based in UK shows that on an average, globular people spend 69% of their time on smartphones. This percentage, shows how mobile marketing is beneficial for businesses.

Now, let your customers design their tshirt anywhere they are, with a t-shirt design software in their mobile. Send ads and notifications about your products on their mobiles informing them what different you are offering. Let your customers enjoy a convenient and unique shopping with their smartphones.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to bring traffic to your e-store. The types of emails for marketing include welcome, promotional and cart abandonment emails. For start up business like yours, send personalized emails along with personalized tshirt ads.

One can send running ads about a unique feature like a T-shirt design tool and inform their customers via personalized emails. These personalized emails make them feel special as if the product is meant for them only.


You can implement these 5 strategies and boost your sales with the help of T-shirt design software. These strategies will work best for your start up business and even beyond. There are many marketing strategies, but to put them into right use at right time is imperative. All the best and get going!

About the Author

Mr. Pratik Shah is Digital Marketing Manager at Brush Your Ideas, a Web-to-Print technology solution offering consisting of Magento product designer extension and readymade Web-to-Print Magento Store.



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