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5 Legal Marketing Techniques That Are Cost-efficient and Easy to Carry out

Helpful Legal Marketing Methods That Are Cost-Effective and Basic to Execute

For numerous little firms or solo practices, budget plan is the single biggest obstacle standing in between them and digital marketing success. Even if you’re convinced that dealing with a company and investing in long-lasting online marketing campaigns might get you more and better customers, that does not matter much if your firm is at a point where you’re struggling just to keep the lights on and the incomes rolling out on time.

Digital marketing tools have leveled the playing field for little companies with minimal spending plans. Compared to the reasonably pricey flooring for tv areas, billboard, and print advertisements, the web offers an unbelievable number of ways to reach possible clients for very little money or even for totally free. In this short article, we’ll review five such digital marketing methods that you can present with little capital investment or technical know-how.

Start a Legal Blog

We’ve talked to lots of attorneys who are skeptical of investing money and time into blog site material, and we comprehend why. It’s sensible to ask, “Am I actually going to get cases from my blog, or is it just a status piece for my website?”

The answer is yes, you actually can get leads and cases through your blog site– however only with a thoughtful blogging method and a continual commitment to creating content.


There are a number of important benefits to maintaining a blog on your law office’s website:

  • It indicates to Google and other search engines that your site is active and publishing fresh material.
  • It can improve your site’s authority in Google’s eyes and make your existing pages rank more plainly (particularly if you utilize the blog site content to connect back to them).
  • It allows you to target more specific “long tail” search keywords (e.g., aiming to get in touch with people who are Googling subjects like “how to produce a special requirements rely on Ohio” rather than terms like “estate preparation legal representative Ohio”).

Gone are the days when just showing up and publishing the occasional general blog article packed with keywords would bring in stable traffic. Today’s online search engine (led by Google, as typical) are finely tuned to filter out spammy content. Instead, their express objective is to link search users with high-quality, useful, reliable material that addresses their concerns and addresses their requirements.

And while Google has gotten choosier about the content it shows to users, there’s likewise more completing material. More law office and legal sites are blogging than ever previously, so your material needs to claw through an ever-growing crowd of associated or comparable pieces to show up in search.

Exactly what this indicates is that every blog post will need thought, effort, and modifying. There’s no minimum length for a blog site short article to be helpful and useful, but as a general standard, if you can’t summon more than 600 words on a topic and you’re retreading the same points as every other attorney blog site on the subject, then it’s most likely not worth composing an article at all.

In general, your blog content ought to:

  • Draw from your distinct competence and experiences to resolve the subjects your customers and prospective customers need assist with many
  • Address those subjects in everyday language (no legal lingo and please, no Latin)
  • Attract the general public, not to other lawyers (unless you’re generally wanting to get referrals)


Yes, this is going to require time– and if you don’t have the resources to compose a carefully-considered, thoroughly-edited blog site post at least once a month, it may be better not to blog at all. Google penalizes chaotic websites that host lots of low-quality, generic content, and you need to also consider the message that a dead blog sends out to your prospective customers. You can guarantee your clients in 20 various ways that you’re a devoted fighter who never ever gives up, however if they head over to your blog and see that you set up five or 6 posts 2 years ago prior to apparently losing interest, they might wonder if the rest of your messaging is just hot air.

Tidy up Your Site

Remember when we stated that Google doesn’t like a messy site? We weren’t joking. At LaFleur, we have a legal client who we have actually been aiming to help climb the search rankings for some extremely contested search terms in an extremely competitive market for many years. In January, we decided to audit that client’s site and tidy up a lot of old, underperforming content: combining out-of-date statements about speaking engagements and case decisions and rewording or deleting low-grade article and site pages from before we began our working relationship.

Practically overnight, the customer’s rankings in organic search zoomed from page five or six for a lot of the search terms they wished to page a couple of for those same terms.


Below is a graph of that client’s organic traffic over the last couple of years. We started cleaning up and optimizing the site material in January of 2018.

We have actually executed a great deal of effective methods for this customer, but nothing we have actually ever done has come close to the returns we have actually seen from this website audit and optimization in relation to the expense.

If your website has actually been around for several years and transitioned through numerous various digital marketing companies or strategies, there’s a likelihood you could reap comparable benefits from an aggressive tidy-up. Here are a few easy steps to obtain you began:

  • For blog posts whose minute in the sun has actually come and gone, consolidate, repurpose, rewrite, or delete them. If your blog site has a number of articles announcing that your firm won this or that award, consolidate them into an awards page that draws from the blog site copy to briefly explain each award. If you have a “quick-hit” blog article commenting on a noteworthy news product that took place years earlier, considering repurposing it as a lead-in to a longer post taking on an associated legal topic.
  • Be a bit callous with your material. If a blog short article or website page isn’t really drawing in natural traffic and nobody put that much time or effort into it in the very first location, possibly it simply does not require to exist any longer.


Fantastic attorneys thrive on referrals and recommendations from their customers. This is still real in the digital age, but the power of digital marketing tools in general and email marketing in particular deal savvy attorneys lots of brand-new ways to put themselves in the best possible position to obtain those recommendations.

Automated e-mails can help you get more organisation from your present and previous customers in numerous ways:


When you’re sending out mass e-mails to present and former clients, it’s crucial that you never ever cross the line into spam. Sending people emails about subjects they don’t care about is the quickest method to obtain all your email material filtered straight into the trash.

The way to avoid the spam trap is to carefully cultivate your list of email marketing contacts and segment that note into smaller audiences based on their interests. Your customers don’t care about your speaking engagement at an attorney conference, and your lawyer associates don’t need to get a list of fundamental FAQs about how personal injury suits work or what a will does.


Unless your firm handles a really little number of clients, trying to send various email messages to different audiences by hand is a dish for a splitting headache. If you desire to monitor all your numerous audiences and ensure everyone gets only the material they might really care about, you’ll have to discover how to utilize automation software like SharpSpring.

As long as you make sure you’re only providing helpful content that relates to your audience, e-mail marketing is one of the most affordable and low-risk methods to obtain additional company out of your existing pool of customers.

Host a Webinar or an AMA

It’s clear that lots of people bring around a negative understanding of attorneys, and among the main factors individuals feel in this manner is because they don’t see lawyers as accessible or relatable. The internet has developed so lots of brand-new opportunities for communication and engagement that it’s simpler than ever for attorneys to overcome this stigma and produce interactions with possible clients that feel nearly like one-to-one conversations.

Among the very best methods to do this is to use the power of video by hosting a webinar about a topic that your possible customers may discover fascinating. For instance, if you’re an accident lawyer, you may market and host a webinar where you cover the essentials of how an individual injury case works and discuss what individuals can expect if they choose to hire a lawyer and pursue an accident claim.

Even if you already have comparable video content available on your site, there’s something about the live-streaming nature of a video webinar that engenders a sensation of familiarity and trust. It’s one thing to appear on video camera in a heavily-edited video created by a marketing firm and another to appear and speak to your audience live.


If preparing and hosting a video webinar sounds too demanding or lengthy, you can always do an AMA instead. AMA stands for “ask me anything,” and it’s essentially an open Q&A session where you allow individuals to ask you questions and answer them on the spot, either via video feed or in chat. (The site Reddit coined the term AMA and popularized the format, and many individuals still associate AMA sessions with Reddit. You can host an AMA on Reddit, but there are numerous other possible platforms as well; the Q&A format is exactly what matters.)

Compared with putting on a webinar, hosting an AMA requires minimal advanced preparation and can serve just as well to make your prospective clients seem like they understand firsthand who you are and exactly what you’re about.

Get Active on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Of all the strategies on this list, utilizing social networks is the one you truly do not have a legitimate reason to prevent. Compared with writing blog articles, auditing your entire site, or managing targeted e-mail campaigns, creating an appealing existence on the major social networks platforms takes hardly any time or technical know-how.


If you think your audience isn’t using social networks, reconsider. Inning accordance with digital marketing research study, 97% of adults in between the ages of 16 and 64 state they log onto a minimum of one social media monthly. Even if you concentrate on an area like estate preparation and serve primarily customers who are 65 and older, today’s under-64 crowd is your base of future customers, so disregard social media at your danger.

Like the webinars and AMAs we discussed a minute ago, social profiles on websites like Twitter and facebook construct trust and make you appear approachable. You don’t require to understand any expert techniques or hacks to develop social profiles that create value; simply occupy your profiles with pertinent information, then start sharing your material and offering people a window into your world as an attorney. Showcase your team, your character, your enthusiasms, and your knowledge while preventing rant-y opinion posts, coarse jokes, and any other content that might place you in a less than professional light.

On the other hand, LinkedIn provides an excellent method to network with other attorneys and raise your profile amongst your peers. There are lots of LinkedIn groups specifically for attorneys to get in touch with each other and share material. If you don’t have a website yet, LinkedIn can even function as your main platform for releasing your material up until you have the ability to get a proper site established.


Do not let a restricted spending plan keep you from laying the foundation for an online presence that can provide a constant source of clients and cases for several years to come. You can use these tips to obtain started today, and all it will take is time and dedication.

Naturally, we also understand that time is money, particularly for busy lawyers. If you find you’re at the limitation of exactly what you can achieve on your own, get in touch with the group of digital marketing specialists at LaFleur. We’ve helped law firms of all sizes and budget plans build holistic digital marketing campaigns that deliver strong returns at inexpensive rates, and we ‘d love to do the very same for your firm.

To talk with someone from our team and discover more about what LaFleur can do for you, complete this quick online kind or call us at ( 888) 222-1512.


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