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3 Underutilized Oil and Gas Marketing Strategies

3 Underutilized Oil and Gas Marketing Methods

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Strategy Do you ever seem like your marketing technique is in need of a refresh?

Our company deals with many brand names in the oil and gas market, and we frequently discover these business in among these circumstances:

  • Stuck: There are numerous things we should be doing, and we’re not rather sure where to start; we simply need one actionable idea that we might implement this quarter.
  • In A Rut: We have actually been running the very same program for a lot of years, and it’s time to try something brand-new; we just have no idea exactly what to do.
  • Attempting to Do Too Much: Our group is running numerous marketing projects, we actively release to our blog site, run an automated drip email project, go to three trade convention each year, run print ads, and regularly produce case research studies. We wonder if this is all worth it, and we’re not sure ways to track outcomes.

Instead of aiming to entirely transform your marketing method, maybe you simply require to test one easy strategy that can help pull your brand from your present position– eventually reinvigorating engagement with your potential customers.

Below is a list of 3 marketing strategies– definitely not a detailed list– that are frequently underutilized in the oil and gas industry.

1. Google AdWords (and Facebook) Retargeting Ads

If you get a decent amount of traffic to your website each month, however your service advancement group does not have a great deal of engagement with those visitors, Google retargeting advertisements could be a great method.

Let’s begin by specifying retargeting ads.

The majority of us have actually seen a retargeting ad. We view a product on Amazon, then we go to Facebook and see an ad for that product on our Facebook feed. Or, we checked out a blog site on a supplier’s site, then we go to read a post in the Houston Business Journal, and we see an ad from that same vendor.

To clarify, retargeting advertisements start with a see to your site. A cookie is set on the visitor’s computer/laptop/smart gadget, and now you can target that individual with an ad from your company on other sites they are checking out. Exactly what makes this so attractive is that the advertisements are served through 3rd celebration networks like the Google screen network (which emcompasses over two million websites and over 650,000 apps) or Facebook (over 2.2 billion regular monthly active users worldwide according to Facebook MAUs).

Since there may not be a strong case for companies with a B2B offering to market on Facebook (we could argue this point, but I will not invest time doing that in this post), I’m going to concentrate on the Google display screen network.

As I discussed above, the Google display screen network is huge. The benefit is the targeting capabilities available using the Google AdWords management tools. You can particularly target individuals based on the visit to your website PLUS you can broaden that audience by targeting particular demographic data, interests, and filter your audience by demographics, as well as interests.

Let’s say that you offer a software service that targets people who handle the accounts payable procedure at an oil and gas company.

You can set up a series of Google retargeting advertisements that are served to:

  • People who have visited your site
  • People who work for an oil and gas company in an accounting role
  • Individuals who are between the ages of 35-55
  • Individuals who are visiting sites with content about oil and gas and accounting subjects

Pretty targeted! Simply remember that the more you target, the more pricey the advertisements will cost. As we always encourage, it’s far better to have a high quality and targeted audience as opposed to a high volume of unlikely potential customers.

2. LinkedIn for Prospecting

There are a range of methods to market your business using LinkedIn. You can set up a business page and publish updates, share article, and preview upcoming trade programs. Your private staff members can also share content utilizing their personal profile pages, in addition to remark and like material that they view in their personal feed.

Did you also know that you can use the LinkedIn messaging tool to directly connect with prospects?

To actually optimize this effort, LinkedIn offers a specialized prospecting tool called LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Sales Navigator is a subscription service that allows you to produce a customized audience based on a series of filtering criteria (examples: Job Title, Company Name, Earnings, Number of Workers). You can then conserve individuals as Contacts from this filtered list and utilize the LinkedIn InMail tool to send direct messages to these Contacts.

We recommend beginning by determining target personalities, setting up filtered lists, and after that including contacts that meet your requirements.

You can then write a multi-part message campaign that supplies worth to the recipient. It is necessary to be honest and let contacts know that you are attempting to construct your network and recognize potential customers for your service. You need to do that by delivering content and information that would be helpful to the contact.

You can begin by piloting this process with one member of your business development team. Try is for a few months and see if you end up with any new additional connections or chances.

3. Video Marketing

What is your company understood for? Do you have a particular proficiency, or competitive differentiator that assists you stand with your audience?

Is your market conscious? Do you have a method for interacting that info?

Video is a terrific way to communicate this message.

Some recommendations to direct the execution:

  • Recognize your primary message and three bottom lines that support this message
  • Write an overview or video script
  • Practice your shipment
  • Target a time under 2 minutes (you can also develop 10-15 second clips from the full video that you use on LinkedIn to attract your audience to view the complete video)
  • Work with a professional to shoot, modify, and finalize your video
    • The quality of the video and audio matters
    • They can encourage on the very best place for the shoot
    • They can incorporate intriguing and engaging editing strategies that add value for the audience
    • They can optimize the file size and advise an expert platform for publishing

You can share the video link with your existing potential customers through LinkedIn posts, an email campaign, and by posting with an accompanying blog to your website.
People work with individuals. Video marketing supplies you with an excellent platform to interact your message AND assist individuals experience the culture and character of your brand name.

All set for a Refresh?

We hope these ideas help revitalize your thinking, and ultimately improve your brand’s engagement with your potential customers.

If you have an interest in talking with us for some additional assistance, we welcome you to obtain our complimentary site audit. The seeds for revitalizing your marketing method often concealed in your website. Our group will evaluate your brand name messaging, style, performance, and total efficiency and produce a report with concepts to assist enhance your site AND overall marketing technique.

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