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3 ‘Superhuman’ Youth Marketing Strategies

What are the key lifestyle, digital and content trends for 16 to 24 year olds? Voxburner’s Head of Content Lara Piras reveals youth marketing strategies.

Young People Striving to Be ‘Superhuman’

Self-improvement is on the top of 16 to 24 year olds’ to-do list as they partake in activities that aid in a dedicated process of becoming the best version of themselves possible. Eighty-four percent of U.K. 16 to 24 year olds feel it important to continuously improve themselves and learn new skills. From brain-boosting exercise classes and superfood diets to learning to code and actively practicing mindfulness, brands need to understand that this generation is capable of a lot. Expect the trend to move from self-improvement to bettering the world around them.

“I don’t see the point in doing or immersing myself in anything if it doesn’t better me or make me happier. The only way in which we can prosper is by engaging our minds in new activity. It’s crazy how much you can learn from even the people you surround yourself with.”

—College student, aged 20

Digital Language — We’ve Reached Peak-Emoji

We’ve officially reached peak-emoji: 92 percent of young people use emojis within messaging, while 60 percent use GIFs. Young people crave instant connection to whomever they want, whenever they want and the speed at which visual language evolves is frightening. New live hangout apps, such as Airtime and Houseparty, are fuelling the power of visual communication and brands are only just beginning to fully explore this new digital language movement.

“Visual messaging expresses your words with much more feeling and emphasis. Messages now feel empty without an emoji, meme or GIF. It’s all about ease and speed of communicating and the quickest way you can say something.”

—CEO, aged 20

Visual communication in the youth market Voxburner

Visual communication in the youth market may include memes, too.

Single-Gender Content

Young content creators are following a growing desire for being part of a community with a huge rise in female-only and male-only related content. Intelligent feminists lead the way via Broadly, Gurlstalk and Brujas, whilst the rise of male beauty vloggers and Instagram dads are showcasing the more complex definitions of masculinity.

“Single-gender content echoes a larger youth movement, bolstered by inclusivity and a growing need for like-minded individuals to foster communities with one another. There’s often a ‘safety in numbers’ sentiment that a lot of marginalized youngsters are drawn to — especially in times of socio-political unrest.”

—Shanu Walpita, Freelance Trend Forecaster

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