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3 Social Media Marketing Strategies that Will Strengthen Your Brand Identity

With the advent of social media, businesses of all sizes are now presented with the opportunity to revolutionize the way they build their brands. Certainly, many traditional forms of branding and offline marketing are still necessary to build and maintain a strong brand identity. However, to stay in the game long-term, every business owner must familiarize himself with and adapt to the vast assortment of social media marketing opportunities available today. In this post, we are going to take a look at three social media marketing strategies you can use to develop a powerful, ubiquitous brand.

Get Up Close and Personal

It doesn’t matter whether you are a self-employed photographer, an owner of a boutique cupcake bakery, or the head of a multi-million dollar enterprise; your online following wants the inside scoop on the personal elements of your business. Gone are the days when glossy corporate images were effective. Today people want to see a more humanized version of a brand, and social media makes this possible. Keep your followers updated on the day-to-day activities within your business by uploading relevant Instagram pictures or, even better, posting new videos to your Instagram or SnapChat story.

Businesses won’t be saying “goodbye” to written content anytime soon, but they should be making room for the written word’s cousin: video marketing. Video has become a massive giant in content marketing and brand-building, so this is one gravy train you want to hop on – regardless of whether you are selling a product or a service – and particularly if you are a bigger business. Because people are such visual creatures, it’s easier to capture their attention with infotaining videos. Companies like Buzzfeed have seen unprecedented success with their conveniently speedy Tasty videos. The tourism industry has produced alluring videos of stunning international destinations to attract new visitors every year.

Become Even Wordier

There once was a time when business owners were under the impression that the way to their target audience’s hearts was to churn out pithy 300-word blost posts. Not so, it turns out. People who are looking for specific information about a service or want to learn how to do something are actually hungry for meatier long-form pieces of content. As an example, if you are a tax accountant, consider publishing blog posts with anywhere from 750 to 2,000 words on relevant tax accounting information. Why? Because a lengthier, cleanly written, and information-packed article offers value to the reader. And if you want to convert a reader into a paying customer, you need to use value as the hook. Longer written content shows your target audience that you have free resources arnd real value, should they choose to eventually buy your services or products. Additionally, by regularly creating and sharing longer written content on your website and across social media, you are building your personal brand as an authority in your niche.



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