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3 Psychographic Marketing Techniques To Borrow For Self-Service Assistance

Surprise, surprise: the marketing crowd has found yet another method to reaching customers better. Potential customers, too. The term is psychographic marketing, which Hubspot defines rather well:

Let’s apply this principle to self-service assistance. In many methods, psychographic marketing is a kind of direct client engagement– a technique to gaining a much deeper understanding about our customers. For example, we might understand who is pertaining to us for self-service support, however do we actually understand why!.?.!? What is it about particular consumer profiles that motivates them to reach our at particular points in the client journey?

Psychographics consider:

Here are 3 psychographic marketing methods that equate especially well into an overarching self-service method.

1. Build Client Profiles Based On Data

An essential part of psychographic marketing is collecting information and developing client profiles around certain behaviors or choices. The very same uses to self-service. Website analytics, for example, provide concrete insights into user habits on your self-service site. What content do specific users see before submitting a case? What problems drive high case volume? By digging into these questions, we can begin to comprehend– and anticipate– when and where certain customers look for support.

2. Understand The Difficulties

Different difficulties arise at various parts of the customer journey. The better our understanding of why our customers do what they do, the much better matched we’ll be to anticipate their requirements at numerous parts of the client lifecycle. Consumer profile details can help us optimize where to route particular consumers, what content to show them at a given time, and to recognize gaps in the self-service support experience.

3. Measure Sentiment

Whether we’re talking marketing or support, studies remain an useful tool for determining mindsets throughout the consumer journey. They supply a direct way of gathering information around our user groups. Customer complete satisfaction (CSAT), client effort rating(CES), and Net Promoter Rating® (NPS) surveys all supply information about user mindsets, especially after support interactions.

An Informed (and Optimized) Experience

Though few support professionals remain in the company of marketing, there is a lot to find out (and obtain) from psychographic marketing. With a better understanding of who our customers are, why they’re contacting us, and what they anticipate, we can enhance the experience drive much better outcomes.

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