3 Marketing Methods for the Slow Season

3 Marketing Methods for the Slow Season

Mid-to-late summertime is frequently a slow time of year for numerous companies. People are on vacation, kids run out school, and the warm weather often produces an air of sluggishness around the office. Even if the phone’s not sounding, customers are out of town, and absolutely nothing much appears to be occurring, there are still several essential things that online marketers can do right now– even throughout the “sluggish” time of year– to help increase their sales outcomes.

The bottom line is that if you require time and invest some energy in making some additional effort during the sluggish time of year, it will help to prepare for future success once business gets again.

Here are a few essential marketing pointers to remember during the sluggish season:

1. Review old service leads and unfinished jobs

When company is brisk, it’s easy to fall into a pattern of grabbing low hanging fruit, putting out fires, and just reacting to the most immediate consumer queries. However marketing is not simply a matter of closing handle the clients who are most immediately all set to buy– it has to do with laying the foundation for continuous, long-term sales opportunities. With that being stated, the sluggish season is a fun time to review your long-term marketing goals or revive some unfinished marketing tasks. : Are there some old sales leads who stated they weren’t interested when you initially called them three months ago, or asked you to call back another time? Spend some time now, during the sluggish season, to obtain back in touch with these contacts. Their company requirements might have altered in the past couple of months, and they may be prepared to say “Yes” to your deal. Sales leads that went cold may warm up again when offered a fresh contact during the slow season.

2. Re-evaluate your marketing procedure

The slow season is also a great time to have a look at the huge image of your marketing and sales process and attempt to make corrections and enhancements. Are there things you could fix or update on your site to make it easier for incoming sales leads to discover you? Have customers grumbled about any aspects of your marketing procedure? Exists something in your sales process that is broken– online kinds that don’t work, processes that are too slow or cumbersome?

Likewise have a look at your general marketing tactics: Exactly what are you doing with marketing automation, and exactly what could you be doing in a different way? Could you do more to create incoming sales leads through your site and social networks channels? Are there certain marketing methods that are underperforming or dated and requiring an out of proportion share of effort and investment? Keep in mind Pareto’s Concept, which states that 80% of your results originate from 20% of your efforts. The slow season is an excellent event to cut down on the 80% of your marketing efforts that aren’t bearing results. Ask yourself, “Which marketing activities should we STOP doing entirely?” Out with the old, in with the new.

3. Ask for referrals from existing clients

If you have great consumer relationships in location, the sluggish season is likewise a great time to subsequent with your existing clients to see how they’re doing and ask for recommendations. But you have to do this thoroughly. Don’t simply come right out and ask your customers for recommendations– rather, sofa the recommendation demand as part of a larger conversation where you advise them of how much they have actually enjoyed working with you, and ask them if they can do you a favor in an equally useful method. Deal excellent referral bonus offers to your finest customers for referring brand-new service to you. Consider what a new sales lead is actually worth, specifically if it’s a well-qualified “warm” sales lead referred by a well-trusted client. Remember that when a client is referring organisation to you, they’re not simply your customer– they’re part of your marketing group. Reward them accordingly!

Remember, the notorious slow season is not truly “slow” if you use your time wisely. There are always things to be done to assist pursue your marketing goals, whether it’s revising your site, canceling an underperforming marketing project, contacting sales leads from 6 months earlier, or paying a courtesy call to a favorite customer to see if they can use you some brand-new contacts. Treat the slow season as an opportunity to actually deal with the basics of your marketing operation. Even if the phone is not ringing, there are lots of things you can do right now to get all set for larger results once the hectic season resumes in the fall. Where are you going to begin? Please share in the comments listed below.


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