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3 Important Marketing Techniques for Your Ecommerce Service

If you are selling products online through your website, you will have to promote your business and products to drive more traffic and sales. Ecommerce marketing has become more complex than ever before. This is because of the varying levels of importance of different factors in search engine algorithms. So how can you address the right SEO factors to drive more sales on your online store?

1. Build Customer Reviews

The more highly rated customer reviews you have, the higher your website is likely to rank in search engine results. Positive reviews also help in building trust. Almost 9 in 10 customers are going to read online reviews before making a purchase. Almost an equal percentage of customers claim that they trust online reviews for the information they provide.

Reviews are genuine customer reviews that not only help influence your potential customers, they also have importance in SEO. Even negative reviews help in gaining experience so that you can improve your products and deliver better customer service.

It is worth knowing that reviews and testimonials are organic and can have deeper influence on search engines than professionally written sales copies. So make user to collect as many reviews as possible. Encourage your customers to leave reviews after they have placed an order.

2. Video Marketing

Video is gaining increasing amount of importance in search engine results. There are endless ways in which you can promote your products using video marketing. You can start by creating professional videos of product demonstration and post them on YouTube. There are so many reasons why YouTube is an important platform to have your video on:

  • YouTube is the largest video sharing website
  • YouTube is also a search engine, second only to Google
  • YouTube is part of Google’s network

Thus, your videos on YouTube are highly likely to get ranked in Google and other search engines. Many people are likely to watch videos to learn how a product is used and how it can benefit them. For example, online stores selling ecigs have been highly effective in using video marketing. Many people who prefer switching from traditional cigarettes to ecigs want to learn first how to use the device. And online videos provide simple and quick guide to such potential users.

So if you want to sell more products, make sure to post more videos of how to use them. The simpler you make your product presentation, the more likely it is to draw customers.

3. Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement is so important to ecommerce marketing that it can also be regarded as one of the pillars of your marketing strategy. You simply cannot afford to ignore it. Encourage engagement and interactions on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. This will help build better connection and strengthen trust. More people are going to see your online business more often and this is going to help build trust in the long term.

You can also integrate videos into your social media updates, thus increasing their reach. So make sure to follow the above-mentioned marketing strategies to promote your online store. For more information, it is recommended to visit https://thesearchmarketingshop.com/seo/website-optimisation-service/. Get more insights into online marketing strategies and get help from experienced professionals.



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