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3 Facebook Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Online Existence

At the beginning of this year, Zuckerberg introduced a significant shift to Facebook’s algorithm. In the past, Facebook’s algorithm favored pertinent content so that users could find handy articles. Today, the algorithm favors pertinent content that is engaging and interactive That Facebook users can produce more significant social interactions.

What does this mean for marketers who rely heavily on social media to share their message? This indicates that your technique will require to focus on creating discussion. How do you develop more conversation on Facebook?

Below are 3 Facebook marketing techniques to enhance your online existence and welcome more conversation into your Facebook Page or Group:

  1. Develop a Focused Facebook Group

In my last blog, I raved about the advantages that your organisation can receive from creating a Facebook Group. A Facebook Group, unlike a Facebook Page, can be Personal, Public, Closed, or Secret and it is a place for people with shared interests to have a neighborhood to develop discussion around a topic, cause, or activity. Groups are a great start for creating conversation since unlike a public Facebook Page, a Group is more intimate and unique, allowing only those who you invite to get involved in the conversation.

When producing and sharing content on Facebook, you will require to be tactical in how you stimulate conversation. A few of the types of material that can prompt discussion are:

If someone comments on your Facebook post, Facebook will rank your content greater if you respond in a timely manner and you keep the discussion going. For instance, if somebody posts a comment that raves about your item, it is best to acknowledge their feedback and to follow up with an extra concern, such as, “Exactly what do you like many about our item?” or “Exists any method we could improve our product?”. These questions will probably continue the discussion.

  1. Make The Most Of Videos

If you have not noticed, videos on social networks are a BIG thing nowadays. According to SmallBizTrends, Social video creates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. It’s even better if you make the most of the Facebook Live video feature due to the fact that Social Media Today states people invest three times longer seeing a live social video compared with one that has been prerecorded. You might be questioning where to start when creating a video for your service. An excellent start would be sharing your brand name’s story and permitting your viewers to respond and link with your message. Here are some other material concepts for a social video:

Basically, if you’re aiming to boost your online presence on Facebook, you will require to start thinking in terms of developing discussion. Take note of exactly what others are doing and see exactly what is working and what isn’t working. If you remain updated with your online marketing method now, it can really settle in the long run.

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