3 Effective Ways to Enhance Your Online Marketing Methods

3 Effective Ways to Enhance Your Online Marketing Methods

If you are like most entrepreneurs today, it is highly likely that your primary goals include finding ways to deepen customer engagement and improving your search ranking on Google. Whatever your goals may be, the following tips can help ensure you’ll be able to achieve your objectives:

#1: Give mobile a priority

Recent statistics from ComScore indicated that a staggering 80 percent of content from social media is viewed using a mobile device. In addition, the study also showed that 69 percent of the average media consumption is done using a smartphone. In today’s highly mobile-driven world, it has become increasingly crucial for businesses to find ways to accommodate mobile users.

If you don’t know where to start, you can never go wrong with the five-second rule. When it comes to mobile traffic, speed is critical. A statistic showed that 74 percent of website visitors will abandon a page if loading will take more than five seconds.

If your site’s loading time is really long, you might want to consider an open source initiative backed by Google called the Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) project. It is a technical solution that can help beginners sites improve their loading time significantly.

Having relevant content readily available when a user finds your page is yet another effective way to make your site more mobile-friendly. How important is this? Statistics show that a whopping 61 percent of people will easily leave a site if they don’t immediately find what they are looking for. As a general rule of thumb, ensure that your mobile site has a readable font size, is touch-friendly, and easy to navigate.

In addition, ensure your site does not look any different when viewed on a laptop or desktop. Understandably, people switch devices every now and then with 67 percent of people starting their search using mobile and eventually completing the experience using a laptop. Bottom line, aim to make things consistent across different screens.

To test screen consistency of your site you can visit testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com. From there, you’d be able to gauge your site’s desktop speed, mobile speed, and mobile friendliness. If you are given a “good” rating across the board for all categories, then you are good to go. If you only get a “fair” or “poor” rating, focus on findings way to improve your visitors’ screen experience.

#2: Engage users using unique content

Even if your site is both presentable and fast, you will still not be able to achieve optimum results if it does not have content people can benefit from. When creating content, make sure they fall into the top 3 key categories namely in-depth content, evergreen (always relevant), and trending content (what’s hot right now). Those different content categories will offer varied but beneficial insights to visitors and users.

Incorporating video content on your site is also beneficial. In terms of length of engagement or average session time, the average YouTube user spends approximately 40 minutes on the site. The statistic indicates how engaging video content is to users.

Moreover, you can generate more engagement by making sure you lead your visitors to other related articles so they’ll stay longer and explore other pages on your site.

#3: Drive more traffic by using social media

If you want to dramatically improve your social media engagement, keep in mind the following: include catchy snippets, post regularly, and create a clear call-to-action. Also, your social media pages should not repeat extensive information that’s on your site. Instead, use it to post bite-sized content that can capture the interest and drive more traffic to your site.

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