21 Winning Twitter Marketing Strategies, Tactics, and Tools

Here are 20+ Twitter marketing strategies, tactics, and tools to boost your presence and engagement!

Twitter Marketing Strategy — You

  • Use a great photo that conveys your intended brand image.
  • The profile allows you 160 characters for a description, make them count. Use hashtags, and maybe even a call to action.
  • If its relevant, add your geographic location.
  • Always link to your website.

Twitter Marketing Strategy — Content and Distribution

  • Choose a brand topic, and stay consistent with the messaging. E.g Keep your personal, family, and friends tweets and your core business tweets separate by setting up different Twitter profiles for each.
  • Use the RVC Formula to give people what they want in a tweet. Personal Relevance, high informational Value, and topic Consistency in your twitter stream.
  • Create or curate GREAT content to share. Use a tool like BuzzSumo to find out what content is the most popular.
  • Extend the life of your content by creating several versions of your tweet to post.
  • Content can be around themes like Useful, Fun, Shows Your Personality, Yesterday, Today, In the Future. Be newsworthy!
  • Don’t just tweet about yourself! Tweet primarily about your topic, and the community of thought and participation around it.
  • Use hashtags so that new people can find you.
  • Use strong visuals. Visual additions to your tweet like a photo will dramatically improve your engagement.

Twitter Marketing Strategy — Build Your Audience

  • Use the search feature to find influential people on your brand topic to follow. (You may also want to check out this Twitter Advanced Search article.)
  • Converse with people tweeting about your topic. This can be as simple as favoriting the tweet, or a reply “thanks for sharing!”
  • Twitter should be part of a cross channel marketing method. Be sure to promote your tweets on your other social media platforms.
  • Have your staff participate by re-tweeting, and re-posting on other platforms.
  • Use a tool like Crowdfire to clean up your list of inactive, non-followers, and bots.
  • Beware of the follower to non-follower ratio. Generally speaking, the more authoritative you are, the higher your ratio of followers to non-followers.
  • Use a tool like Buffer or Sprout Social to schedule your tweets based on the times that followers are most likely to engage. (e.g. are your tweeps really up at 2am?) Use tools like FollowerWonk and Tweriod to find out when your followers are most likely to engage.
  • NEVER buy followers!
  • Use a tool like AddThis on your blog or website to make it easy for people to share.


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