21 Often-Overlooked Ways to Generate Leads Online

21 Often-Overlooked Ways to Generate Leads Online

Most of us are familiar with the usual suspects when it comes to generating leads online and we are pretty comfortable with using those platforms. However, there are a lot of other ways to create relationships, gain exposure, and increase interest so let’s explore some of those opportunities.

21 Overlooked Ways to Generate Leads Online

You’ll get the chance to provide your expertise to reporters, bloggers, and radio show hosts who are looking for experts. This exposure works wonders in increasing your reach and opportunity.

LinkedIn Saved Search

While I’m hoping you have a complete profile and are in a couple groups, there is more to LinkedIn than many people realize.

You can conduct an advanced people search to find prospects and then save that search. Once saved, LinkedIn continues to look for people who fit your parameters and sends you an email with a list. It’s an incredible lead generation tool that is tremendously underused.

Provide Social Proof

When you share case studies or reviews, as well as nominations and awards you’ve received, you create an understanding out in the world that you really are a valued resource and vendor. In effect you are backing up your marketing claims.


Speaking of marketing, remarketing a product or service is another great way to generate leads. Has it been awhile since you promoted or launched something? Create a new message, maybe even for a new target market, and get it out there. You can generate renewed interest this way.

Influencer Marketing

This is similar to social proof but is when trusted influencers toot your horn. There are those people who garner respect and trust. We look to those people to tell us who else has value – where should we invest our time and money? When these influencers are talking about you, your value increases dramatically and therefore your leads.


One of the best ways to share information is through infographics. You can easily create them using platforms like Piktochart. Remember, sharing information is a great way to generate leads. People want to do business with experts.

Online Events & Open Calls

Have you ever used Google+ Hangouts or Skype to create an online discussion? There’s great power in setting up impromptu or planned, general information events. When they are designed to be drop-ins, people are more comfortable attending and are open to hearing what you have to say. You can build trust and prospective business by starting conversations with people.

Social Listening

Monitor what is being said about your business and brand. When you know what is being said, and who is saying it, you can target your messages.

Data Gathering

This goes along with social listening. You can create targeted ads and posts to see who responds and how they respond. That tells you where you should be saying what to whom.


Sharing information in a verbal format is a great way to draw prospects to yourself and show them who you are and what you know. You can set up an online radio show or create audio files and upload them to the social networks.

Radio Guest

Don’t want to do your own podcasting? No problem. Explore being a guest on other people’s shows. This gives you exposure to a whole new group of people as well as something to share within your spheres of influence.

Guest Writer

There are plenty of bloggers and newsletter providers who welcome expert content. Similar to being a radio show guest this gives you the chance to share your knowledge with a broader audience.

Niche Social Platforms

Explore platforms that are specifically targeted to your area of expertise and your audience. Sites like Untappd, a site for beer drinkers. You can get very niched and targeted this way.


Don’t ever forget the value of your current clients and their experiences with you and your company. Ask them to post on your social sites and share you with their connections.

Team Up

With a complementary organization or company, that is. Together you can talk about issues that matter to your audiences. You gain exposure to their world and they gain exposure to yours. The added conversations work wonders for lead generation.


Take advantage of the things everyone is talking about. When you discover things that are hot topics – craft engagement, promotions, and conversations around those topics. Since they are what’s trending you will be found more easily.

Connect to a Cause

Do you have a favorite cause that you volunteer for or donate to? Talk about it. Put their logo with a link on your website. Let people know that a portion of your proceeds goes to that cause.

Thank You Call to Action

Do you have a newsletter or digital downloads that people subscribe to? Set up a thank you page with a call to action. A lot of people have the thank you page but that’s it. This is a great place to get prospects to get more involved with your company.

Email/Social Combo

If you send out a regular newsletter, you can connect it to your social networks. This expands your audience and gets your information in front of many more people.

LinkedIn recently opened up the publishing section to the users. You can apply to publish your content on LinkedIn alongside gurus and thought leaders. The expansion of your reach is incredible and elevates you to a higher level of expert status.

Promote Your Clients

Do you have clients who offer products or services? A great way to increase your own lead generation is to provide those clients with exposure. Giving them an audience leads to more awareness of you and what you have to offer.

Did you notice how many of these tactics have to do with sharing information? That’s because the best way to generate leads online is to provide consistent, relevant information to your audience.

The question becomes, how can you do that, as well as increase your exposure, so that people reach out to you when they have a need? Or so that when you reach out to them they already know and trust you. Lead generation comes from actively participating and sharing current, relevant information. So, take a look at the list, pick a couple of tactics, and get going.

Got another method that works well for you but seems to be one of the overlooked ways to generate leads online?


21 Often-Overlooked Ways to Generate Leads Online

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