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19 Restaurant Marketing Strategies Guaranteed to Increase Sales in 2018

The advent of newer technologies and introduction of digital ways have radically transformed the restaurant marketing strategies throughout. Hence, the restaurant business is witnessing a breakthrough. Nowadays restaurant marketing is not depended only on the traditional advertising process. The marketing method has come a long way and restaurateurs have been finding out several profitable strategies to increase sales in the restaurant.

However, determining beneficial promotion strategy for a restaurant is not an easy task. One needs to have a clear cut idea about the recent market trends. A survey reveals that although some of the eateries could find the right track and struck the right chord to survive the fierce competition, yet many restaurants get lost in the challenging situation.

Therefore to sustain in this continuous battle a restaurateur needs to decide on unique restaurant marketing strategies.

We have carried out in-depth online research on some of the latest restaurant marketing trends 2018. A study reveals that succeeding at restaurant business becomes possible when the promotional approaches are exclusive.

In this blog, we’re highlighting a range of creative marketing ideas for restaurants. Understand that the goal of promotion strategy for the restaurant is to reach both new and existing customers.

Secondly, it is vital to lay out strategies to increase sales in the restaurant depending on the type of outlet you operate. Marketing strategies are also based on the size and design of your establishment. It’s to be understood that every single promotional approach differs from one type to another.

Nevertheless, let’s take a look at some of the universal, yet easy and affordable restaurant marketing tips.

Restaurant marketing strategies can be of two major types:

  • an online approach
  • an offline approach

Both methods proved to be crucial to attracting customers for every establishment.

Online Approach

1. Keep track of your restaurant’s online details and update them continuously

Nowadays consumers carry out extensive online research to find out about a restaurant. Therefore it’s necessary to revise your online details continuously. Update anything that might need review including address, phone number, a current menu that you have been providing etc. Your online information are the first and foremost step of restaurant promotion. Keep them accurate and visible.

2. Manage your online reputation

Maintain your online reputation because online reputation will take your restaurant to the next level of success. People will flock to your outlet when they come across good reviews on the food you serve or the ambiance you provide to your patrons. Another important approach is to keep responding to customer queries promptly whether negative or positive.

Trick to manage negative online reputation; employ an expert to tackle your online reputation and maintain clean cheat.

3. Create restaurant brand identity

Building a strong brand identity plays a crucial role in attracting potential customers. Strong brand identity also has a more significant effect on your social media presence amongst your competitors. However, according to proven restaurant marketing tips, build your establishment’s identity by understanding your target clients and create it around them. Find out what your potential customers would look for. Finally, build the brand identity reflecting their interests on the social channels and also on your advertising material.

4. Google Ads – Google My Business page

Google is a popular search engine that sees approximately 3.5 billion searches per day. Diners prefer to search regarding their selected eateries through Google. Therefore it is vital to include necessary information in Google My Business page. Take the benefit of such restaurant marketing trends 2018. Google My Business is the lucrative way of attracting your target patrons. Your listing will appear in the front when people search for your businesses similar to yours.

5. Digital PR- best means of maintaining relationship

The concept of digital public relation is on the rise at this moment. It is one of the current trends in the restaurant industry today. PR is about relationship management with a strong focus on social media channels. This strategy is intricately related to your marketing strategy. It is also the most affordable way for achieving long-term exposure. When you have a successful public and media relations program, you’ll get to see the boost in your sales too. The goal of PR is to support your position in the market. Effective public relations program saves a restaurant from the risk of spending too much money on elaborate advertisements. Developing a community presence and having a healthy media presence are some of the successful ways of attracting regular clients. Hence, PR can be among the best creative marketing ideas for restaurants.

If you are thinking: ‘how to attract customers to my restaurant?’ The answer is advertisements. Regardless of several means to disseminate information – media promotion is proven ways for, eg, Google Ads, mobile ads, advertisements through video and ads placed on social media.

Videos play a significant role in the restaurant marketing campaign. As social platforms are the vital places to hook with your target patrons, share videos of your signature dishes online and attract more and more crowd. Creative videos boost sales and hence increase the ROI.

Bonus idea: Videos might not work for all due to a difference in types, in this regard you can ask your consumers to share some videos of your restaurant and then re-purpose it on your social channels. User-generated content promise to create the online branding and reputation.

7. Social media advertisement

Advertisements published in social media have more power to shape a person’s buying decision. Shoot tempting footage of your specialties and share them on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. However with the recent changes in Facebook newsfeed just keep your network personal.

8. Use Mobile Ads

2018 will be the year of mobiles because according to predictions half of all paid clicks will come from mobile. So, this year considers employing mobile ads. Mobile ads are less expensive than desktop ads, and mobile boasts impressive conversion rates. Google AdWords allows for all kinds of free customization and targeting options that let you get the most out of your bids. Can increase your bids around dinnertime, when users are often looking for fast food on their mobile phones. Boosting your requests during the dinnertime period increases your chances for showing up for a specific query.

9. Employ social media experts for social media marketing

Amongst several marketing strategies, social media marketing is one of the most critical tools for promoting any business. Social media presence is the potential way of reaching to your target patrons amidst numerous food restaurants.  Marketing through social channels will also allow getting a clear idea about your target consumer. Social media marketing also create opportunities for feedback from existing customers. To get the best out of social media marketing, it must be executed by a social media expert. Employ social media experts to take your business to your target clients.

10. Involve local food bloggers to promote your restaurant

One of the compelling marketing strategies today is to influence the crowd through the help of local bloggers. Partner with writers who have popularity as local bloggers. Such persons will act as influencers by sharing content on the topics related to your restaurant. In return, you can provide them incentives like discounted food or drinks to show appreciation for their effort.

11. Partner with the food apps too

With the event of smartphones, several food apps have started operating for e.g. Swiggy, Zomato, Food Panda etc. In recent years there’s a massive demand from the consumer’s side too of installing a food app on their phone. They take the benefit of searching their requirement just with the click of a finger. Why don’t you take advantage of this mobile technology and partner with food apps? Make sure to get listed on these food apps to attract more potential customers.

12. Make online payment facility available

As plastic money has many advantages, you can make your customers enjoy the benefit of paying through Paytm or other online facilities.

13. Hospitality on special days (birthdays and anniversaries) through calls and coupons

Keep track of all the relevant dates of your consumer’s life (for, eg, birthdays and anniversaries). Humans are emotional by nature; they will appreciate your cordial behavior and want to come back to your outlet again and again. Don’t forget to wish your customers on their special days and provide them discount coupons on selected food and beverages. This way you can earn a reputation and be successful in customer retention as well as acquisition.

14. Connect to your target patrons though Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the proven current trends in the restaurant industry for customer acquisition. Build your email list; by getting customers to fill forms in-person or online too. Sending messages through email enable a restaurant to display new menu list and also let the customers know about the exciting offers which you plan to incorporate. However, one should be cautious while doing email-marketing, because if not properly executed, the entire strategy can be a failure.

15. Special promotion on festival (Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Holi, etc.)

Festivals like Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Holi etc. are the best time to promote your restaurant to your target patrons. Create unique ideas to present mouthwatering delicacies in a beautiful setting on these special days. Reach out to your potential client’s and let them know what you are doing differently to make their life more enjoyable.

16. Consider partnering with online Delivery Services

In these busy days, many consumers prefer to order food and beverages online and enjoy them in the comfort of their homes. This practice has given rise to the emergence of several food delivery services. To enjoy the benefit of today’s current trend, go for a membership with the delivery services is. Streamline the ordering process through effective online means. Additionally, this delivery services will also make you well-known to the first time customers.

17. Happy hours for kids and senior citizens

A happy hour is one of the unique marketing strategies for restaurant promotion. Every establishment plans for happy hours, however, you can do it in little exclusive way. Enable happy hours for kids and senior citizens on Sundays and other national holidays. Your customers will appreciate this approach of yours and refer your establishment to others in their contact list.

Offline approach

18. Consider using board menus

Board menus placed outset the eatery is another proven way to attract your potential patrons. Restaurant signage has come of age with different marketing strategies. Boards that stand outside allow the customers understand what you are reserving the day or what individual plans you have for them. But you should write the board lines in very perfect way. Otherwise, it may even drive away customers due to lack of understanding.

19. Participate in food festivals

Food festivals are the perfect way to connect with your customers. Participate in these festivals to make yourself known among the crowds. When people see it you they will come to taste your specialties.

Rounding Off

Competition is high, hence, you need brilliant ideas to bring in consistent revenue and keep up with the trend. The above-mentioned marketing ideas will amplify your business. With these restaurant marketing tips and robust billing software, you will travel well on your way to take the restaurant business to newer heights.

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