10 Best YouTube Channels to learn about Cryptocurrency

10 Best YouTube Channels to learn about Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has been gaining popularity since 2020 and many investors are starting to take an interest.

Being such a new asset class, it can be difficult for newbies to decipher the credible sources to learn from. So I took the liberty to compile my go-to YouTube channels which beginners may find useful.

Here are the best YouTube channels to learn about Cryptocurrency:

Beginner Explainer Videos

If you’re brand new to the concept of cryptocurrency, start with these YouTube channels.

1) WhiteboardCrypto

WhiteboardCrypto is a crypto education channel focused on breaking down complex concepts in cryptocurrency into easy to understand ideas using stories and analogies. They share explainer videos help to simplify ideas like Proof of Work and Decentralised Finance (DeFi).

They are relatively young and were launched in March 2021 and have since published over 100 videos covering a wide range of topics within crypto from “What is Metamask” to actionable content like:

We’ve been working with Chris Long and Aik Keong to produce a series of short, simple to grasp beginner videos on cryptocurrency investing. You can find them on the Dr Wealth YouTube channel, here’s a good one to start with:

3) Finematics

Finematics publishes explainer videos that describes cryptocurrency concepts, with a focus on DeFi.

This channel’s publication frequency is lower, covering a narrower range of topics, however Finematics does go into greater detail into each topic.

This is their most popular video at the point of writing:

Beginner Cryptocurrency Investing Concepts

4) The Investor’s Podcast Network

The Investor’s Podcast has been around since 2012, providing useful investing podcasts for ages.

On their YouTube channel, you’ll find various playlists including ‘Bitcoin Fundamentals’ which feature interviews with key thinkers and investors in cryptocurrency. I find the first few episodes useful for investors who are still trying to wrap their head around cryptocurrency.

This is the most popular video on their channel:

Understanding DeFi

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) refer to the ecosystem of blockchain based applications (commonly but not limited to decentralised apps or dapps on Ethereum) that are geared towards disrupting the traditional financial system.

The draw of DeFi for cryptocurrency investors is its high yields. However, there are too many opportunities out there and an equal number of traps and scams. The YouTube channels in this section help simplify the learning journey for aspiring crypto investors.

5) The Babylonians

A Singapore cryptocurrency channel that provides both useful ‘how-to’ videos for Singapore investors, as well as in-depth valuation on specific cryptocurrencies, with a focus on DeFi.

His most popular video at the point of writing:

6) The Defiant

The Defiant focuses on DeFi related news, tutorials and reviews. If you’re absolutely new to cryptocurrency, this may not be the best channel to start with.

However, if you’re interested in DeFi and learning how to increase your returns in cryptocurrency, there are some useful videos on this channel.

Here’s a quick intro to what you can do in DeFi by The Defiant:

On-chain Analysis

Cryptocurrency is transparent in a way where all transactions can be monitored on the blockchain. On-chain analysis allows traders to extract information about trades and movement of coins, most of these are driven by investor sentiments.

The following YouTube channels give a good introduction to on-chain analysis:

7) Glassnode

Glassnode provides on-chain market intelligence, it comes with a free tier that you can play with. Their YouTube channel helps educate investors on how we can use on-chain analysis to understand the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets.

You can learn the key metrics that could help you buy the dip:

8) Blockware Intelligence

Blockware Intelligence is the YouTube channel by Blockware Solutions, a company that provides Bitcoin mining solutions.

They share weekly market overviews as well as interviews with key thinkers in the scene.

Technical Analysis

With such volatile actions, cryptocurrency is the playground for technical traders.

9) Benjamin Cowen

If you’re a trader or like to use some TA before you jump into any investment, you may find Benjamin Cowen’s channel insightful.

He covers up to date market trends and movements instead of educational videos.

Bankless is a crypto education focused media company that aims to provide the ultimate guide to crypto finance. They provide weekly updates on the crypto markets as well as in-depth interviews on a wide range of crypto topics like NFT, Web3.0 and Metaverse with developers, investors and key figures within crypto.

They publish long form interviews and videos almost 4-5x a week, so you’ll probably find something interesting in their archives. Personally, I found their interview on “mental models for web3” with Chris Dixon insightful:

Before you go, I would caution you to never take anything you’ve read or heard about cryptocurrency at face value. In fact, these days, if you talk about cryptocurrency, everyone has their own opinions and it can be difficult to separate fact from opinion. Instead, do your own research, seek out opposing views and test to find out what really works.

If you prefer to learn in a live class, join AK at his next live masterclass where you’ll learn the basics of cryptocurrency investing and get to ask him all your dying questions.

I’ve provided a selection of the best YouTube channels to learn about cryptocurrency above, what are your favourite YouTube channels to learn about Cryptocurrency? Share them in the comments below! We’ll be sure to check them out and potentially add them as recommendations for our readers!

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